‘Remarkably unassuming, honest, and real’

Jamison Green, author of ‘Becoming a Visible Man’

‘A gripping and deeply moving story of the entanglement of personal pain and political struggle’

Sasha Roseneil, Professor of Sociology at the University of Essex, group analyst and author of ‘Disarming Patriarchy’ and ‘Common Women, Uncommon Lives: the queer feminisms of Greenham’

‘A New Man’ is a memoir by Charlie Kiss

It is a story of broken families, isolation and a total collapse of identity. It’s also inspirational: anti-nuclear protest results in imprisonment. Severe mania results in hospitalisation, homelessness, loss of friends and dignity, but after just four years, Charlie comes off lithium, manages without any medication at all and gets by. Throughout all these challenges lies the conflict of self-identity within, as Charlie knows deep down that he is male, but this is repressed. As a lesbian feminist Charlie believes that he should fight against stereotypes of what it is to be a woman but the repressed feelings keep resurfacing until finally Charlie takes steps to be a man. He is much happier, life stabilises. He then experiences life from a new and different perspective but there are surprises.

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