‘ This personal narrative is an enlightening and interesting read, and the throb of political engagement,  fairness and the conviction of being able to change and build a better word is a fiery undercurrent to what can be a tender vulnerable tale, honest and soul baring.  It’s an enticing ambiguity, of fire and ice, with a happy ending’

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‘An excellent read, couldn’t put it down! This is a book about the personal and the political, about feminism, and patriarchy, and the peace movement, mental illness, the London lesbian scene of the 70s and 80s, and the theory and practice of transitioning. Narrated with honesty and tenderness, this extraordinary autobiography tells the gripping story of one person’s incredible journey.’  by Clare Summerskill

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‘Charlie Kiss’ plain spoken prose resists sensationalising as it lays out the incredible story of his life. Highly recommended and (for me) very educational. One of the most powerful memoirs I’ve read’  Jamie Spencer